Our Mission

The Native Oak encourages the study of military history from a social perspective and promotes its value to the national good.


Our Means

We utilise popular media to attract wider audiences to questions of historiography. We support our belief in history’s lasting value to the national good by directing audiences to charitable causes related to our educational work.

Our Principles

At The Native Oak, our members believe that history must be a holistic field with a social context which actively demonstrates its value through acts of public service.



Our world is inextricable from history; the greatness, glories, terrors and traumas of the past are not settled events, but continue to resonate through us.  Acknowledging past immoralities does not threaten our society, but is necessary for understanding it; nor do historical immoralities invalidate past glories and acts of goodness.

The Native Oak believes that to properly serve our community, we must understand its whole story; to neglect those elements of history which are uncomfortable is to disrespect that history and ourselves.


Minutiae must be made relevant by connecting it with the human experience.  Without a social context, the technical details of weapons systems and troop deployments become useless trivia for eccentrics, while material culture becomes little more than quaint curiosity to be gawked at and derided as archaic.


The Native Oak believes it is only by connecting these matters to our present condition that their importance to the national good may be realised.



When scholarship is locked in the ivory tower and passion is restrained to television screens, it becomes self-serving and isolated.  To serve the national good, history must be approachable and active in the world. When we use history in the promotion of charitable causes it helps to build a connection with the past by demonstrating its influence over the modern world.


The Native Oak believes that military history is uniquely positioned to make use of this principle and be directed towards service to the national good.

Great War Reenactors on the first "men of Harlech Charity March," which raised over 2,000 USD for the Commonwealth War Graves Foundation