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Charitable Giving & Fundraising

"I am your most humble and obedient of servants."


A nation's history is its collective memory.  It defines our present and drives our future.

The Native Oak believes that a strong popular awareness of history is vitally important to the national good.  That's why we donate 10% of all our profit to charitable causes that help preserve, restore, promote, and honour that memory.

Together we've raised



for charitable causes!

Every quarter, four organizations are selected to receive the profit-share, each representing one of the below-listed categories.

The Native Oak's membership determines where 70% of the share goes, with the YouTube viewership deciding the remaining 30%.  All polls are proportional, meaning every vote is worth a portion of the total share!


the Memory

the Memory

This share is dedicated to the acquisition or preservation of historical artefacts and spaces by museums and other non-profit organizations.

This share is for the restoration or recreation of historical environments, experiences, and artefacts.

the Memory

This share is given to organizations and projects which help to raise sound public awareness of history and its importance.


the Memory

This share is committed to the broader national good, going to charitable organizations as a way to use the nation's history to improve its current state.

waterloo uncovered

Our Progress So Far


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Native Oak profit-sharing.


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