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The Native Oak
On YouTube

Providing educational content that is accessible, entertaining, and personally compelling is at the heart of our mission at The Native Oak. 


YouTube is the perfect environment to meet that goal!  Our channels publish a wide variety of educational content with our principles of Understanding, Connecting, and Serving at their core.  This content includes:


• Original lectures and documentaries

• Practical demonstrations of historical uniforms,

firearms, and accoutrements


• Film, book, and video game reviews


• Footage of historically-related events,

such as military ceremonies and reenactments


Brandon F.

Our largest channel, Brandon F. is run by our Managing Director where he produces lecture style videos and film reviews.  His viewers particularly enjoy his "pedantic" picking out of even the smallest historical inaccuracies, and his distinctive educational style.

Brandon primarily focuses on British military history during the American War of Independence and the Napoleonic Wars, and also regularly discusses the Long 19th Century and the World Wars.  


The Black Cockade

The Black Cockade is Brandon's second channel and is dedicated to footage of military reenactments and modern ceremonial events.  It is named for the black 'cockades' of the British army during the Long 18th Century, most iconically worn by the King's supporters during the Jacobite rebellion.

This channel is a good mixture of historical content (reenactment) and the modern military, as well as other cultural events of interest.

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