To Stand Under Arms

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"...the Strength and Reputation of an Army depend principally upon the Order and Discipline of those Regiments which compose it..."

                                            -Bennett Cuthbertson

With over 500 pages of original documentation on the regulation, training, and 'economy' of the Late 18th Century British Army,

"To Stand Under Arms" is a must-have for any military enthusiast; especially for reenactors of HM Forces in North America!

Every piece included in this anthology is as faithful to their original as possible, including original spelling, grammar, and, illustrations.  Exception is only made for formatting and spacing concerns, as well as the removal of the 18th C. "Long S" (ſ) for the ease of modern readers.

Here's a small selection of the included writings:

• The 1764 Manual Exercise

• Bennett Cuthbertson's "System for the Complete Interior Management & Oeconomy of a Battalion of Infantry"

• Thomas Simes' "The Military Instructor"

• The Earl of Cavan's "New System of Military Discipline Founded Upon Principle"

Coming this December!

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