Videos may be an excellent way to dip into new knowledge, but to truly delve deep, you need to go to the sources!  And plenty of good secondary scholarship helps too...

Historical Texts & Other Primary Sources

The Native Oak has worked to recreate a variety of historical texts in a modern published format.  We have aimed to make them as true to the originals as possible while keeping them readily accessible to the modern reader.


"I explored a hell, and it was terror unspeakable"


An evocative look into the terrors and contradictions of the first year of the Great War.

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A collection of military manuals, treatises, and proclamations from the late

18th Century.


A conveniently pocket-sized version of the full  1764 Manual Exercise for reenactors of the American War of Independence.

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Recommended Reading

Recommended books from other authors on subjects of interest to our members and supporters.

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