"I explored a hell, and it was terror unspeakable"

Louis Raemaekers was a Dutch artist of the First World War.  An early witness to Imperial German atrocities in occupied Belgium, his cartoons shed light on German policies of collective punishment, rapine, and murder before official government reports were published.  Being from a neutral country, Raemaekers' artwork also offered a scathing review of Dutch foreign policy, and a mockery of German moral presumptions in her unrestricted submarine warfare against American shipping.

First published in 1918, this book contains over one hundred of Raemaekers' cartoons, representing the best of his work during the first twelve months of the Great War.  Compiled and edited by J. Murray Allison, the artwork is given context through the addition of language from official government reports, newspaper articles, eyewitness accounts, and direct quotes from German military and political leaders, among others.

Raemaekers' Cartoon History of the War: Volume 1

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