What could be better than Redcoats fighting a dragon? 

This one is a bit of a story...back in 2019 I was at a reenactment in Massachusetts when, strangely enough, we found a giant dragon head along the side of the road!  So, naturally, we all needed to take photos around it like we were big game hunters. Thus, the fabled legend of the 54th and the Dreaded Blue Dragon of the North was born!

Now, you can experience just a part of the terror, chaos, and confusion of that great battle!  Like Saint George of Old, the 54th has slain the beast, and restored order to all the land!<br>Until the rebels took it all, anyways.


From Printify:  "Every room deserves to be special. These supreme quality print posters in various sizes serve as statement pieces, creating a personalized environment.

.: 175 gsm fine art paper
.: Multiple sizes
.: Matte finish
.: For indoor use"

"Like St George of Old!" Premium Matte vertical poster

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