The 1764
Manual Exercise


"To stand streight and firm upon his Legs; Head turned to the Right: Heels close: Toes a little turned out..."

The Position of a Soldier Under Arms

The 1764 Manual Exercise is one of the most important references for any reenactor of the British Army during the American War of Independence.  Unfortunately, many of the online copies are incomplete, leaving out key elements such as the "Position of Each Rank in the Firings," or observations on wheeling and dressing.  

In this book, The Native Oak seeks to provide an inexpensive copy of the full Exercise, small enough to be kept on one's person for instant reference in the field.  This is not an historical reproduction; it is a transcribed copy in a modern binding where ease of use has been prioritized.

Please note that this document is included as a FREE PDF in our Library!  This physical copy is intended for being carried in the field for easy and quick reference.

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